SEO: The Road Less Traveled and More Often Misunderstood

In the midst of devising a winning business idea, constructing nothing short of a dissertation to support the ROI for your products and services, enlisting a dream team chock full of "gladiators in suits," there's one more task to add to your mounting list to ensure your company's continual growth in a digital age. You need to develop a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. Although it's not a shiny, new tactic, it is often overlooked as a vital path on the road to success.

I agree with marketing exec and business owner, AJ Kohn – effective and strategic SEO leads to productive organic traffic from search engines. In the simplest terms, when an existing or potential customer begins an online search using a keyword or phrase related to your brand, you want your website to appear among the top-ranked results. Otherwise, your efforts to create a buzz around your solution within a niche market may not reach the prime decision makers within your demographics.

SEO has forged its way onto the business development map. The overwhelming majority of internet searches direct traffic to the top-ranking websites, and ultimately, affect revenue for those companies. According to Hubspot, 75 percent of internet users never scroll past the first page of their search results. Think about the potential buying power for the leading companies in the search compared to their competitors' that appeared on page 2--much less page 12--of the search results. Successful businesses can't steer clear of it any longer.



An SEO strategy needs breadth and depth. The proof is in the algorithm pudding. SEO isn't static. Information and the way users access it is fluid, especially since Google regularly updates its requirements for high performances in SEO. Therefore, SEO is much more than a few well-placed keywords. It is an integrated work plan within a content management system. It is a set of relevant keywords, metadata, inbound and outbound links, well-managed social media interaction, captivating images and consistently refreshed content that connects with the audience.

SEO is most certainly a journey, so start by getting comfortable with the native lingo in our free e-book, The ABC's of SEO, then in my next post, we'll look at how to get started.




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