SE...Oh: Are We There Yet?

As I talked about in my last blog, SEO can be a long and winding road riddled with obstacles and frequent detours. Plan ahead. Determine the essentials for the trip and then consider how they relate to your site and your targets' needs. 


Be sure to prepare appropriately:

icon goalsSEO GOALS

It stands to reason that you can't reach your destination if you don't know what that destination is.  What are you trying to accomplish with your SEO program:  raw traffic, e-commerce sales, brand recognition/reputation management, lead generation?   Based on that answer, what is the path you want your site visitors to travel, where you want them to go, and what will it take to get them there?

icon keywordsVETTED KEYWORDS

How are your targets going to find you?  You have to know their needs, how you address their needs, what they are looking for to solve their needs, and what you want them to look for.  Use search analytics and combine your findings with your own corporate message map to develop a vetted list of keywords.

icon contentCONTENT

This is your program's fuel.  In the ever-changing SEO environment, one of the main elements of successful SEO is valuable, sharable content. You have to develop content that draws your target in, meets a need, makes them want more, and directs them to the next action you want them take.

icon planPLAN & EXECUTE

Website design, optimized pages, and the overall user experience (UX) are also key performance indicators. These three elements work in tandem to entice users to go to your site, browse multiple webpages, share the content and view your site as an authority on a particular topic, product or service.  But don't forget that your website is merely one element of an integrated marketing program, so as you plan, be sure to consider how the other elements work together to drive searches and rankings.

    • Website Strategy
      • Targeted page titles, H1, Metadata, alt text
      • Site map
      • Landing pages with calls to action
      • Optimization for mobile devices
    • Social Media Strategy
      • Google+
      • Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Pinterest
      • Blog
    • Integrated Marketing Strategy
      • Thought leadership (speaking engagements, webinars)
      • Promotion (advertising, event marketing)
      • Public Relations (press releases, briefings, articles)


It is critical to understand the influence of search engines on your business, and the only way to do that is to monitor and measure what is happening and adjust your strategies based what you find.


The bottom line is that search engines provide you with an opportunity to engage your targets in meaningful, and profitable, ways...but they need your help to do it.  So remember, as your customers traverse the superhighways of the internet...the point of your SEO journey is to make sure you are a point on theirs.  May the road rise up to meet you!



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