Meet MG! Summer 2017 Intern Edition

Here at McDonnell Group, we’re proud of our team members that come into work everyday ready to serve our clients. And that includes our interns! Our interns are an active part of what we do, and we are so thankful for the important role they play in helping us bring value and service to our clients.

Meet Kat Sherry!
School: University of South Carolina
Team: Public Relations
Hometown: Alpharetta, Georgia

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*Why did you want to intern at MG?

MG offered a great opportunity to develop my experience in PR and marketing. I was very excited to work for an integrated marketing company and be exposed to many parts of the business including client meetings, content curation and market perception studies.

 *What is something you've learned while interning at MG?

Throughout my MG internship, I had the opportunity to take part in client meetings. It was interesting to see how our account teams work together in servicing clients. I learned the value of how beneficial a collaborative work environment is in the PR and marketing field.

 *What is something that surprised while working at MG?

I knew that MG focused on PR and marketing to build client’s brands. When I found out that MG spends time and resources on Goshen Valley, a non-profit for foster care children, I was even more excited to be a part of the MG team. Because of my previous volunteering/working with the foster care system this was meaningful to me.

Another surprising aspect to me was learning about the energy field. Through my projects and research, not only did I feel that I gained new skills but I also learned a lot about the energy field. Our team-lead energy information sessions every other Thursday provided a great forum to learn more about energy. 

*What is your favorite piece you've worked on at MG?

One of the most interesting and challenging pieces that I worked on was a blog about the Internet of Things for our client Trilliant. This required the most research on my part since I was unfamiliar with the topic. I think that the concept of interconnected networks is fascinating because it has the potential to transform the way we work and live.

I've enjoyed working on a case study on warehouse management for client SEDC. In order to improve their speed and accuracy of their utility requisition, a co-op used automated tools to solve their challenges. I was able to learn more about particular utilities and how they could increase reliability within their co-op.

I also enjoyed supporting the Twitter pages for our client Brooks Utility Products @BrooksUtility and our own Twitter at MG @McDonnellGroup.

 *What went on in your life outside of interning at MG this summer?

I visited Europe this summer and traveled to Cinque Terre and Venice Italy, Salzburg, Austria and Prague, Czech Republic. I love to hike, so having the experience of hiking between the quaint villages along the Ligurian sea was the highlight of my trip.

 *What's the biggest takeaway from the internship as you move forward in your career?

Building new skills, gaining insight in the field and having hands-on experience will be valuable takeaways from this internship as I move forward in my career. From my first day, I was welcomed and felt like a part of the MG team. I had such a positive and rewarding experience, and I am grateful to have been mentored by this enthusiastic team.

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