Meet MG's Spring 2019 Intern!

Here at McDonnell Group, we’re proud of our team members that come into work everyday ready to serve our clients. And that includes our interns! Our interns are an active part of what we do, and we are so thankful for the important role they play in helping us bring value and service to our clients.


5 Ways PR Matters More Than Ever in Today's Energy Landscape

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The essence of classical public relations has always been about trust and strong relationships with journalists. It takes time to know specific reporter’s beats and the editorial perspective and focus of each publication as well as to know the industry and understand what constitutes real news. These priorities are unchanged, as is the goal of gaining a share of voice for the client through coverage that is accurate and rooted in a deep understanding of the topic.


Why Energy B2B Companies Must Engage in Twitter and LinkedIn


Social media is ubiquitous today and serves not only as a stage for pictures, life updates and public opinions – but also as a platform for the energy industry to educate and inform audiences and to build trust in an organization’s solutions and products.


Integrating Corporate Social Responsibility into Your Business Model


With the rise of social movements, it has become increasingly clear that social issues are no longer being treated as separate from businesses. It is important to understand how participating in corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices can contribute to overall employee satisfaction and business success by integrating the company’s values, employees’ skills and service into their community.


5 Steps to a Data-Driven Conference & Trade Show Strategy


Event marketing consumes the majority of energy and technology companies' marketing budgets. Based on MG's benchmark research, 44 percent of companies plan to attend ten or more events each year. So, as energy marketers, how do we choose where to go and when to repeat events? And how we do best determine event ROI since these events are consuming so much of the budget?


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